Space Reverse Innovation program

Business Creation Acceleration Program


The Space Reverse Innovation (SRI) program is an acceleration program that will expedite the creation of businesses both in space and on the ground.
The program aims to completely transform the existing food system from a space-based perspective. It will be a co-creative program, producing new businesses and innovations.


2040 Vision

In the coming space age, where multinational crews with various job titles sojourn on the Moon and on Mars, the issue of food needs to be considered in order to achieve a sustainable society and mode of living.
Life in isolated, confined environments is the basic consideration on which the SRI program’s food system will be created, a system dedicated to addressing real life issues.

  • Lunar Rover

  • Credit:JAXA

    Lunar Base

  • Manned Spacecraft

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The SRI program will speedily deploy businesses that pose solutions to
potential or unresolved issues on the ground identified during space missions.
In the future, the accumulation of such deployments will allow for the
implementation of lunar bases and other facilities.



Mission 01

The SRI program addresses issues related to living in isolated environments and in shelters during disasters and emergencies. Scenarios that are considered include
large-scale natural disasters like earthquakes in metropolitan areas and the predicted Nankai megathrust earthquake, pandemics, and geopolitical risks. The SRI program aims to develop solutions to food-related issues and create businesses that
achieve true preparedness for future disasters.

Details about Mission 02 and
beyond are to be published in due course.


  1. Difficulty in managing a steady food supply and nutritional intake
  2. Limited resources for daily life and extreme conditions forcing an austere diet
  3. Problems in maintaining physical/
    mental health and relationships

The SRI program is
looking for partners.

How we work

Planning and

Corporations, municipalities, etc. who will work with us in the planning management of the program

  • Planning and management partners

Co-creation Partners

Corporations, municipalities, etc. who will work with us in the
planning management of the program

Planning and management partners

Food production / Storage and preservation / Menu planning / Processing and preparation / Meals / Dining / Cleanup
Any and all products and services that constitute the food process

  • Food production
    Resource circulation
  • Food/Beverage/
    Luxury goods/
    Seasoning manufacturers
  • Containers
  • Electric cooking appliances
  • Recipes
    Cooking skills
  • Spatial design
    System design
  • Space transportation
  • Distribution

Supporting partners

Companies, municipalities, organizations, etc. that can provide various functions required for
solution development, service demonstration, and commercialization

  • Regional cooperation and support
    Government/Public institutions/Municipalities, etc.
  • Prototype development support
    Cooking solutions
  • Service demonstration
    Provision of space
  • Overseas expansion
    Functions as a trading company
  • Financial support
    Functions as a fund, etc.

Please contact us if you want to know more about the SRI program
or if you have the will to co-create businesses with us.